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8.5 Blessings of Righteous Living

Read Psalm 1:1–3; 112:1–9, and 128. What blessings are promised to those who honor the Lord?

Psalms 1, 112, and 128 provide profound insights into the blessings promised to those who honor the Lord. They reveal the rich reward for a life of godliness and faithfulness.
In Psalm 1, the righteous are described as a tree planted by streams of water, yielding fruit, and whose leaves do not wither. This metaphor illustrates the deep connection with God and the source of all blessings that result from this relationship. In contrast, the wicked are depicted as chaff, without stability and without a future. The righteous, however, are firmly rooted in God, have a place in His presence, and hope for eternal life.
Psalm 112 describes the blessings of the God-fearing in the form of prosperity, influence, and posterity. The righteous not only experience personal success but also radiate light and prosperity to others. Their integrity and generosity make them a blessing to their surroundings, and their legacy endures.
In Psalm 128, sitting under one’s own vine and fig tree is portrayed as a symbol of peace and prosperity. These images represent the blessings of the messianic kingdom, where peace and abundance reign. Peace over Jerusalem symbolizes the hope of the coming Messiah, who will redeem the world and restore peace.
The New Testament confirms this hope for the fulfillment of blessings for the God-fearing through Christ’s return and the creation of a new world. While the righteous already experience many blessings in this life, the complete fulfillment of God’s favor awaits them in His eternal glory.
In summary, these Psalms show us that those who honor the Lord will be rewarded with abundant blessings, both in this world and the next. Their faithfulness and devotion will not only bring personal success but also bring light and blessing to the world, ultimately being fulfilled in the fullness of God’s grace when His kingdom is fully restored.

In the New Testament, there are many promises about what God has in store for us. Why is the cross and what happened there the guarantee that these promises will be fulfilled? How can we draw comfort from these promises even now?

The cross and what happened there are the guarantee that God’s promises will be fulfilled, for several reasons:
  1. Atonement for sin: At the cross, Jesus Christ took upon Himself the sins of the world and through His substitutionary sacrifice, atoned for sin. Thus, He paved the way for the forgiveness of our sins and bridged the gap between God and humanity.
  2. Redemption and reconciliation: Through His sacrificial death, Jesus redeemed us and reconciled us with God. As a result, we are no longer slaves to sin but can live as children of God in communion with Him.
  3. New life: The cross symbolizes Jesus’ death and resurrection. Through His death and resurrection, we have the opportunity to live a new life in communion with God. This new life is brought about by the Holy Spirit within us, who guides, comforts, and strengthens us.
  4. God’s faithfulness and promises: Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross bears witness to God’s boundless love for us and His faithfulness to His promises. If God did not spare His own Son but gave Him up for us all, how will He not also, along with Him, graciously give us all things? (Romans 8:32).
From these promises, we can draw comfort now by:
  • Experiencing forgiveness and reconciliation: Through the cross, we can find forgiveness for our sins and live in communion with God.
  • Hope for eternal life: The promises of the New Testament give us hope for eternal life with God, free from pain, suffering, and death.
  • God’s presence and support: Through the Holy Spirit, whom Jesus has sent to us, we experience God’s presence and support in all situations.
  • Security in God’s love: Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross is the ultimate proof of God’s love for us. In difficult times, we can remember this and find comfort in the assurance that God will never leave us or forsake us.
Overall, the cross is a central event that has forever changed our relationship with God and gives us the opportunity to experience His promises now and hope for their full fulfillment in eternity.


The connection between the blessings of a righteous lifestyle and our everyday lives as well as faith is profound and life-changing. Psalms 1, 112, and 128 provide a glimpse into the blessings promised to those who honor the Lord, and these blessings have direct effects on our daily lives and our faith. Firstly, these Psalms show us that a life of godliness and faithfulness brings not only spiritual but also practical blessings. The righteous are blessed with a fruitful and fulfilling life characterized by closeness to God and dwelling in His presence. These blessings manifest in various aspects of our everyday lives:
  1. Personal growth: Through faith in God and aligning with His Word, we are encouraged and empowered to thrive in our personal growth. A life of godliness leads to inner peace, stability, and growth in character and spirituality.
  2. Family and community: The blessings of a righteous lifestyle also impact our relationships. A family that honors the Lord will be blessed with peace, unity, and harmony. Likewise, in our community, we can be a blessing and serve others through our sincerity and generosity.
  3. Professional success: The God-fearing individual will also be blessed in their professional life. Through integrity, diligence, and godliness, they can succeed in their work and view it as a service to the Lord and others.
  4. Eternal hope: The Psalms also depict hope for eternal life with God. This hope provides us with comfort and assurance, even in life’s challenges and trials.
The promises of God in the New Testament, mediated through the cross and the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, complement these blessings and give them deeper meaning and security. The cross is the guarantee that God’s promises will be fulfilled, and we can draw comfort from these promises even now.
In our everyday lives, we can rely on God’s promises to find hope, comfort, and security. We can grow in our relationship with God, be successful in our relationships and professions, and have the assurance that our faithfulness to God is not in vain. Ultimately, the blessings of a righteous lifestyle show us that a life of godliness and faithfulness brings rich blessings not only in heaven but also here on earth.
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