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The book of Job unveils a dimension of life that goes beyond our human senses, eyes, and ears. It reveals a reality that extends far beyond the scope of worldly philosophies. It’s a book that lifts the veil and provides us with a view of a conflict between God and Satan, one that unfolds not only in heaven but also on earth.
The battle between good and evil, light and darkness, is evident not only in Job but throughout the entire Bible. Various biblical passages indicate a conflict’s reality playing out on earth involving supernatural forces. They reveal the existence of an adversary of God working against good through his malice and deliberate actions.
The narrative of Adam and Eve in the book of Genesis reveals the subtle yet corruptive nature of temptation brought forth by Satan. Also, in the Gospels, we see Satan tempting Jesus, attempting to thwart His divine path. Furthermore, in the New Testament letters, we are warned that the devil roams around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour.
The reality of Satan’s influence in our world is evident. We see his influences in temptations, divisions, mistrust, and malice. Yet, it’s crucial to understand that Satan’s power is limited. Amidst this conflict we find ourselves in, we have protection—our faith in God.
Our sole protection against Satan’s cunning attacks lies in believing in God’s promises, the power of prayer, the Bible as our sword of truth, and the community of believers. It’s the ability to walk in the light of truth and to stand firm in God’s presence that shields us from the wiles of evil.
Amid this invisible battle, let us be aware that we are not defenseless. Through our faith in God and our connection with Him, we can repel Satan’s attacks. Let us not succumb to the deception of denying Satan’s existence, but let us put on our armor and live in faith in God’s protection.
May God’s grace and wisdom strengthen and protect us in this invisible battle.
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