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Series PSALMS with Pastor Mark Finley  |
Lesson 13.Wait on the Lord |
The Power of Patient Waiting: Trusting in God’s Timing and Guidance
In today’s lesson we delve into the significance of waiting for God’s guidance and timing. In a world characterized by instant gratification, this lesson reminds us that patience is a virtue and that God’s plan often takes time to unfold. We will explore biblical examples illustrating how waiting upon the Lord is intertwined with faith, perseverance, and trust, ultimately leading to remarkable blessings. Let us together explore how, amidst the challenges of waiting, we can grow in wisdom and reliance upon God’s leading.
Memory Text: Psalm 27:14 – “Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; wait, I say, on the Lord!”
The Call of Waiting

Waiting on God: An Invitation to Perseverance and Hope
The call to wait, present in biblical scriptures, is an invitation to perseverance and trust in God’s faithfulness. Despite the challenges and stress associated with waiting, these verses remind us that God is with his people and will ultimately bring about good. Waiting on God entails not only having patience but also a deep longing for his presence and trusting that his promises will be fulfilled. It is a reminder that our waiting is not in vain but points towards the fulfillment of our hopes in a new creation, which we as Christians hope for and await.
13.2 Peace of a Weaned Child
Resting in God: The Humility of a Quietened Child
Psalm 131 teaches us a humility that relies on God rather than human strength or ambition. Like a quieted child with its mother, we find rest and trust in the embrace of God. This childlike surrender to God requires letting go of pride and self-centered desires. Ultimately, we are invited to share our experiences of God’s faithfulness to help others in their faith and strengthen the community of believers.
13.3 Bringing in the Sheaves
The Power of Remembrance: Hope from Past Deeds of God
Psalm 126 shows how remembering God’s past deeds strengthens the people and gives hope for the future. Despite their current troubles, they draw from the memory of God’s previous deliverance and see it as a promise for their present suffering. The metaphor of streams in the dry southland symbolizes God’s sudden intervention and mighty hand. The image of sowing in tears and reaping in joy speaks of divine guidance through difficult times towards a happy future, similar to the harvest after hard work.
13.4 Waiting in God’s Sabbath Rest
The Two Sides of the Sabbath: Creation and Dedication
Psalm 92 emphasizes two important aspects of the Sabbath: first, praising God for his creation and his victory over enemies, which points to the rest and order of creation and redemption. Second, the dedication of the people to God, symbolized by the anointing with fresh oil, which demonstrates their renewed dedication and ongoing sanctification. The Sabbath is portrayed here as a sign of the covenant between God and his people, preparing them to trust in God’s promises and recognize his wonderful intentions.
13.5 Joy Comes in the Morning
Divine Redemption in the Morning Light: The Symbolism of Morning in the Bible
Morning is symbolically depicted as the time of divine redemption because it represents the beginning of a new day and the hope of a new life. In the Psalms, morning is described as a time of redemption and jubilation, while the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the morning is celebrated as the pinnacle of divine redemption. Jesus is called the morning star, bringing the light and hope of a new era, free from darkness and death.
13.6 Summary
Waiting on God’s Time: Patience and Trust Amidst Challenges
Lesson 13, titled “Wait Upon the Lord,” emphasizes the importance of waiting for God’s timing and will in our lives. It is based on biblical texts highlighting the necessity of patience and trust in God. The lesson encourages us to hold onto God’s promises despite difficulties and challenges, trusting that he will fulfill his plans in due time. Through patience and faith, we can experience the blessings and peace of God in our lives.
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