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Series THE GREAT CONTROVERSY with Pastor Mark Finley  |
Lesson 5.Faith Against All Odds  |
God’s Unwavering Faithfulness: Strength, Protection, and Hope Amid Challenges   |

In Lesson 5, the unwavering faithfulness of God to His servants, especially during the Reformation, is highlighted. Despite the powerful enemies and challenges they faced, heavenly forces always stood by their side. Luther emphasized the power of prayer as a crucial tool in spiritual warfare. The central doctrine of justification by faith was illuminated as the foundation of the gospel and our hope for salvation. Through Luther’s inspiring hymn, the steadfast power and presence of God in the lives of believers are underscored.
Memory Text: Psalm 119:11 – “Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You.”
5.1 God’s Word Alone
The transformative power of God’s Word during the Reformation and today
David had deep reverence and love for God’s Word, as evident from Psalm 119. This attitude of reverence for the Holy Scriptures also shaped the Reformers, who viewed the Bible as the foundation of their faith and doctrine. For them, the Word of God was not just a source of inspiration but also a means to strengthen their faith and courage. Today, the Bible remains a central source of power, offering comfort, hope, guidance, and wisdom in our lives. Reformers like John Wycliffe were willing to make significant personal sacrifices for the dissemination and defense of God’s Word, demonstrating the profound impact the Word of God can have on believers’ lives.
5.2 Passing on God’s Word
Unwavering faith and sacrifice: The legacy of spreading God’s Word
Despite the immense challenges and trials faced by both Paul and the Reformers, they had unwavering confidence in the power and truth of God’s Word. Paul emphasized the superiority of truth, while Reformers like William Tyndale were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the dissemination of the Holy Scriptures. Tyndale’s passion and determination led to the publication of influential English Bible translations that have influenced millions to this day. Their faith and dedication serve as a living example of how spreading God’s Word bears fruit and has eternal implications.
5.3 Enlightened by the Spirit
The role of the Holy Spirit in proper Bible interpretation and faith leadership
The enlightenment by the Holy Spirit plays a central role in the correct interpretation of the Bible. Martin Luther personally experienced this divine guidance when he discovered the clarity and power of the Holy Scriptures. The cited Bible verses emphasize that the Holy Spirit acts as a divine interpreter and guide in understanding Scripture. It is important to recognize that the supernatural nature of the Bible should not be downplayed, as Satan may try to undermine its divine essence. Reformers like John Knox emphasized that the Holy Scripture is clear in itself, and the Holy Spirit reveals its truths, leaving no doubts except for those who choose to close themselves off.
5.4 Christ Alone … Grace Alone
Saving Grace: Christ alone as the source of redemption
The central Bible verses teach us that salvation is an undeserved gift from God received through faith in Jesus Christ. Although we have all sinned and deserve death, God offers us the opportunity for eternal life through His Son, Jesus Christ. The Reformers, led by Martin Luther, emphasized Christ’s saving grace and not human works as the path to salvation. Luther himself was deeply moved by the unconditional love and grace of God revealed in Christ. It is a central understanding of the gospel that our righteousness does not depend on our own works but solely on Christ’s righteous act on the cross.
5.5 Obedience: The Fruit of Faith
Transformation through grace: Christ as the center of our faith and life
The cited Bible verses emphasize that true redemption occurs solely through Christ’s righteousness and not through human works. Through God’s grace and faith in Jesus Christ, we are not only saved but also transformed. John Wesley personally experienced this transformation and recognized the power and grace of the gospel. The cited verses from the letters of Peter, Colossians, and Ephesians show that the Christian life is an ongoing process of growth and change. The Reformers and Bible-believing Christians throughout history demonstrated deep devotion and willingness to suffer for their faith, underscoring their unwavering hope and freedom in Christ.
5.6 Summary
Strength and hope through unwavering faith in challenging times
The lesson 5 emphasizes the central role of faith in difficult times. It shows how biblical figures and the Reformers were strengthened by their unwavering faith in God despite resistance and persecution. The Holy Spirit serves as light and guidance in our lives, especially in understanding the Holy Scriptures. Christ alone is the source of our redemption, and through Him, we experience the transformative power of God’s grace. The Christian life is a constant process of growth and change, offering us freedom and hope in Christ.
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