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Series THE GREAT CONTROVERSY with Pastor Mark Finley  |
Lesson 6.The Two Witnesses  |
Bearers of Divine Truth and Triumph  |

In the sixth lesson, we immerse ourselves in the fascinating symbolism of the “two witnesses” as presented in the biblical Revelation. These enigmatic figures, representing the Old and New Testaments, are more than mere characters in an apocalyptic narrative – they are messengers of divine truth and transformation. Their story and significance invite us to delve deeper into the prophetic time periods that reveal the continuity of divine faithfulness amidst darkness. Yet, even as they endure a time of martyrdom and suppression, they prophesy the unstoppable triumph of truth and its resurrected power that will ultimately prevail.
Memory Text: Isaiah 40,8 – “The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever.”
6.1 Two Witnesses

The Witnesses: Bearers of Divine Truth and Transformation
The two witnesses in Revelation 11 powerfully symbolize the proclamation of the Word of God. Their ability to speak prophecy and influence natural laws echoes the deeds of prophets like Elijah and Moses. The fire that comes from their mouths represents the transformative power of the divine Word, bringing both light and judgment. These witnesses represent the Old and New Testament scriptures, together presenting God’s testimony to the world. Their role is to spread God’s truth and light and to warn those who oppose them.
6.2 Prophetic Time Periods
The Continuity of Divine Faithfulness Amidst Darkness
The prophetic time periods in Revelation and Daniel reveal a remarkable alignment. The 1260 days during which the enemies of God trample the truth correspond to the three and a half times of persecution of God’s people according to Daniel. These timeframes, whether interpreted as days, months, or years, indicate a period of spiritual darkness and persecution, especially during the papal rule in the Middle Ages. Nevertheless, the Word of God remains steadfast and effective through its witnesses, even though cloaked in mourning attire, and there are always faithful followers who adhere to its teachings.
6.3 The Two Witnesses Are Killed
The Martyrdom of Truth: The Killing of the Two Witnesses
The prophetic verses in Revelation 11:7-9 symbolically reveal the fate of the two witnesses of God, represented by the Old and New Testaments. Their killing symbolizes the suppression and attack on biblical truth during the papal rule in the Middle Ages and the French Revolution. The subsequent public humiliation of their bodies symbolizes the triumph of atheism and immorality over divine authority. Yet even amid this darkness, the fidelity of Scripture is preserved for the coming days and half a time before the powers of unbelief wane.
6.4 The Two Witnesses are Resurrected
The Revival of Truth: The Resurrection of the Two Witnesses
Revelation 11:11 prophesies the resurrection of the two witnesses, symbolized by the Old and New Testaments. This signifies the powerful revival and spread of the Word of God after the French Revolution. The fear experienced by those witnessing this revival underscores the overwhelming power and effectiveness of the divine Word. This prophetic fulfillment demonstrates that despite all attacks and suppression, the Bible remains alive, and those who trust in it are filled with new strength.
6.5 Truth Triumphs
The Dominion of Christ and the Seal of the Law
Despite the dark hours and the attacks of the enemy, the ultimate triumph of truth is predetermined. Revelation 11:15-18 describes the glorious climax when Christ takes reign and the kingdom of God triumphs. The gospel will be preached to all nations, and evil will be defeated. Looking into heaven, John sees the divine presence in the temple and the significance of God’s law as a standard of judgment. This vision encourages us to hold fast to Christ and His truth in the face of all trials.
6.6 Summary
The Victory of Truth: The Prophecy and Fulfillment of the Two Witnesses
Lesson 6 highlights the symbolic significance of the two witnesses, represented by the Old and New Testaments. Despite the dark times of persecution and martyrdom, truth will ultimately prevail. The prophetic time periods demonstrate the continuity of divine faithfulness, even amidst the darkness of history. The resurrection of the two witnesses after their martyrdom symbolizes the powerful revival and spread of the divine Word, while the victory of Christ and God’s dominion over evil mark the ultimate triumph of truth.
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