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Series THREE COSMIC MESSAGES with Pastor Mark Finley |
Lesson 3: The Everlasting Gospel  |
The Mission of Grace in the End Times  |
Lesson 3 delves into the essential message of grace anchored in the Revelation of the Bible. This lesson emphasizes the significance of the “eternal gospel” as a central theme of the end times and demonstrates how this message is destined to be proclaimed to all nations and cultures. Through the examination of key texts and historical examples, it becomes evident how the Adventist movement has been driven from its inception by the mission to spread the gospel on a global scale. This lesson invites exploration of the timeless significance of grace and understanding the commitment of believers to carry the light of truth into the darkness of the world.
Memory Text: Revelation 14:6Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth—to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people.
3.1 A Grace-Filled Book of Hope
Revelation: A Book of Hope and Promise Filled with Grace
The Book of Revelation is often associated with fear and doom, but it is actually a book filled with hope. It proclaims the message of Christ and His redemption for humanity, especially for the end-time community. Amidst warnings and symbols, God’s grace shines through, offering forgiveness, empowerment, and hope for the future. The central message is the “eternal gospel,” based on faith in Christ and His accomplished redemption. This hope is urgently proclaimed by angels carrying the good news of the gospel into the world. Ultimately, Revelation serves as a reminder of God’s grace and His promises for us as fallible human beings.
3.2 The “Everlasting” Gospel
The Timeless Message of Grace: The Eternal Gospel in Revelation and Paul’s Letters
The “eternal” gospel introduced in Revelation is at the heart of the Christian message. It proclaims the good news of Christ’s death and resurrection, freeing us from sin and condemnation. The grace of God revealed through the gospel surpasses any human effort or merit, offering us a hope that endures through all times. The love and care of Christ for us, manifested through His sacrifice on the cross, form the foundation of this eternal message. This promise of redemption through faith alone is not merely a concept of human experience but a divine plan established even before the creation of the world.
3.3 A Story of Grace
God’s Infinite Grace: The Timeless Story of Love and Hope in Revelation
The message of the three angels in Revelation is a story of God’s boundless grace embodied in the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. This story shows us that God’s plan of redemption did not arise in response to human mistakes but was established even before the creation of the world. The “eternal gospel” speaks of God’s unchanging love and hope for the past, present, and future. It serves as a reminder that our future lies in communion with the eternal lover of our souls.
3.4 Into All the World
The Great Commission: The Worldwide Proclamation of the Eternal Gospel According to Revelation 14:6
The proclamation of the “eternal gospel” according to Revelation 14:6 extends to all nations, languages, and peoples. This task is monumental and requires our full commitment and utmost efforts. It calls us to look beyond our own interests and passionately dedicate ourselves to serving Christ. Matthew 28:19-20 reflects the urgency of this mission, which leads us out of the limitations of our own selves and inspires us to be part of something greater than ourselves.
3.5 A Mission Movement
God’s Mandate to Reach the World: The Inspiring Mission of the Adventist Mission Movement
The threefold angel’s message, intended to reach all nations, has served as a driving force for the Adventist worldwide missionary work since its inception. Pioneers like John Andrews demonstrated with their dedication and faith in Christ’s imminent return the urgency of proclaiming end-time truths. The proclamation of the eternal gospel transcends geographical and cultural boundaries, reaching people in all parts of the world as promised in Scripture.
3.6 Summary
The Timeless Message of Grace: The Mission of Adventists to Spread the Eternal Gospel Worldwide
Lesson 3 titled “The Eternal Gospel” emphasizes the timeless message of grace presented in Revelation. The study underscores the significance of the “eternal gospel” as a central aspect of the end-time message. It highlights that this message must be proclaimed to all nations and peoples to prepare the world for Christ’s return. Through the example of early mission pioneers like John Andrews, the urgency and necessity of spreading this message across geographical and cultural boundaries are emphasized. Ultimately, the lesson elucidates the significant role of the Adventist Mission Movement in proclaiming the “eternal gospel” on a global scale.
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