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Series THREE COSMIC MESSAGES with Pastor Mark Finley |
Lesson 5: The Good News of Judgment  |
The Healing Message of Divine Judgment  |
Memory Text: Revelation 14:7 – Saying with a loud voice, ‘Fear God and give glory to Him, for the hour of His judgment has come; and worship Him who made heaven and earth, the sea and springs of water.
In Lesson 5, we will delve deeper into understanding the biblical message of judgment and discover why this message, despite its often unsettling connotation, can be a source of hope and comfort for us. We will see how God’s judgment is closely connected to His character of love, justice, and mercy, and how it ultimately manifests His care for humanity. Through examining biblical texts and inspiring insights, we will recognize that judgment can be understood not as a threat but as an opportunity for redemption and purification.
5.1 The Significance of the Judgment Hour
The Hour of Judgment: The Inseparable Connection of the Gospel and God’s Judgment
The first angel’s message directly speaks of the hour of judgment that has come for this generation. This message emphasizes the inseparable connection between the “everlasting gospel” and God’s judgment. Judgment is portrayed as part of God’s ultimate solution to the sin problem, revealing God’s righteousness and mercy. It is a time when the world will recognize God’s love, grace, and power to save and liberate. Judgment highlights the significance of each person’s choices in the light of redemption through Christ.
5.2 God’s Mercy and Judgment
The Synergy of Grace and Judgment
A profound connection between God’s righteousness and mercy is revealed in the cross and judgment. God’s law, which demands the death of the sinner, is fulfilled by the grace revealed through Christ on the cross. Our works do not serve for salvation but reveal our loyalty to God and the influence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. The ultimate judgment will remove all masks and reveal our true nature, but we rely on Christ alone as our righteousness and redemption.
5.3 A Magnificent Scene
The Triumph of Righteousness
The prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation offer us a glimpse into the unfolding events of the end times. While Revelation announces the coming of God’s judgment, the book of Daniel shows when this judgment began.
In Daniel 7, God reveals to Daniel the history of the world, from rising and falling nations to the glory of the heavenly judgment hall. This scene, described in Daniel 7, directs our attention to the final judgment where God’s righteousness will triumph.
The vision takes us into the heavenly courtroom, where Christ as the rightful ruler receives the kingdom that belongs to Him. This scene is one of the most astonishing and spectacular in the Bible, showing the victory of righteousness over evil.
The end result of this judgment is Christ’s rule over all nations and the eternal kingdom of righteousness.
5.4 A Glimpse into Heaven
Heaven’s Perspective: A Glimpse into Divine Judgment and God’s Glory
Revelation 4 opens a door to heaven for John, granting him a view of the divine throne room. Here, fundamental scenes of heavenly judgment and the eternal struggle between good and evil are revealed. Similarities with the judgment scene in Daniel 7 are evident, including the presence of heavenly beings and a throne upon which God sits. The 24 elders around the throne could represent the redeemed who were victorious through Christ and are part of the heavenly kingdom. This portrayal conveys hope and shows that the righteous can overcome through Christ’s grace and power. The praise in heaven underscores God’s omnipotence and creative power, worshipped for eternity.
5.5 Jesus is Worthy
The Glory of the Lamb: Revelation 5
In Revelation 5, Jesus is portrayed as the Lamb of God who is worthy to open the scroll of judgment. This depiction shows that Jesus is the only way to solve the sin problem and stand in the final judgment. His sacrifice on the cross and His resurrection enable redemption for all who believe in Him. Heaven responds with enthusiastic praise to this announcement, as Jesus’ victory signifies the end of sin’s reign and the liberation of His people. Judgment is not feared but considered a testimony to God’s goodness and Jesus’ effectiveness in the lives of believers.
5.6 Summary
Hope in Judgment: Christ as Our Mediator
In this lesson, the significance of heavenly judgment according to Revelation and other biblical texts was examined. It was emphasized that judgment should not be a terrifying event for God’s people but a proclamation of His righteousness, mercy, and love. Jesus Christ was portrayed as the worthy mediator who represents us in judgment and covers the sins of believers through His sacrifice on the cross. The lesson also emphasized that God’s judgment is His answer to the sin problem and represents a victory over the forces of evil. Ultimately, judgment was portrayed as a source of hope and redemption for God’s people.
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