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Jesus walked around in Israel for three years and a half. The last week in Jerusalem is the most dramatic one. The last supper, Gethsemane, the betrayal and arrest, facing the Sanhedrin, handed over to Pilate and Herod and Pilate again, the crucifixion, buried in Joseph`s tomb, the resurrection and ascension. The final events are the most important ones. We have a close look at them. Jesus has promised to come back again. His angels will take us into his kingdom.







1.Your King is coming!

Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey. This was the sign, Zechariah had announced 500 years ago. Thousands have come as visitors to the Passover feast. They all get an everlasting impression of the Messiah. The upper class is helpless. They can`t stop the people who proclaim Jesus as the prophet who should come.




2.The cleansing of the temple

In the time of Jesus the temple has become a marketplace. No holy atmosphere but bargaining is the main theme. Jesus appears and casts out all the moneychangers and the ones that sell doves and lambs and goats.





The High priests and Pharisees and scribes try to catch Jesus in a trap. They ask him difficult questions in order to accuse him of being a danger for the Roman authorities. But Jesus answers in such a wise way that they are astonished.




4.The Lord’s supper

Jesus assembles with his disciples in order to celebrate the Passover feast. He tells them that someone of the disciples is going to betray him. But Judas does not take the chance to turn around. He is too proud for that.

My God bless you today and always.




5.The judgment

Jesus prayer in Gethsemane is the hour of decision for humanity. He is willing to drink the cup of bitterness in order to save us. In front of the Sanhedrin he is accused of blasphemy because he has made it clear, that he is the Messiah.




6.The crucifixion

Jesus is taken to Pilate and Herod and sent back to Pilate. The governor wants Jesus to be freed but because of the hatred of the Sanhedrin he is too intimidated to act against their will and allows Jesus to be crucified.




7.The resurrection

On the first day of the week after the crucifixion the disciples get alarming messages. The sepulchre is empty. Jesus is risen they are told by an angel. In the evening Jesus appears to his disciples as the risen saviour.




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