1.Crisis Of Identity | ISAIAH

No other prophet has been a counsellor for so many kings. He prophesied about the suffering of our Lord Jesus Christ in detail. He was a busy writer of God`s word. He discovered that a mighty God is in charge of the universe.


Introduction – ISAIAH




1.CRISIS OF IDENTITY  |  1.1 Hear, O Heavens
A message that got under the skin.



1.CRISIS OF IDENTITY  | 1.2 Rotten Ritualism
The mighty people are hypocrites. God abhors such an attitude.



1.CRISIS OF IDENTITY  | 1.3 The Argument Of Forgiveness
A surprising offer of the creator. It is great!



1.CRISIS OF IDENTITY  | 1.4 To Eat Or Be Eaten
It is either life or death, blessings or curses.



1.CRISIS OF IDENTITY  | 1.5 Ominous Love Song
God cared for his people but they did not honor him as they should have honored him.



1.CRISIS OF IDENTITY  | 1.6 Summary
If humans do not care about God`s advice they surely prepare their own ruin.



The people of God lost their identity. They were warned by the prophet Isaiah to wake up. God wanted to rescue them therefore a prophet was sent to them.





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